The auto industry is struggling, so car dealers will sell cars to stay on business. That makes now the best time to buy a car, the market is strong for you. You will get lucky to buy a car on a great, however it isn’t easy too. You need to become a savvy buyer first before you decide to buy one. The following are the things you should do to buy that car of yours.  


Know the Invoice Price 

Once you’ve determined what car you want to purchase, look up the invoice price. The invoice price is the amount the manufacturer sold the car to the dealer. The retail price of the dealers usually includes hundreds of dollars for their profit. Make sure you buy a car with a price close to its invoice price, except if you’re buying a very popular model. When you have this information before talking to the dealers mean that you expect a good deal from them.   

Check for Rebates 

You might be qualified for rebates which you don’t even know. You might have a membership to some organizations that entitles you to have additional rebates. This information is not sometimes made public, so make sure you check the manufacturer’s website. Some dealers won’t tell you that you qualify for some to keep them as additional profit.  

Research the Dealers 

Do not buy a car for the first visit of the first dealer you met. There are a lot of Lincoln dealers at Baton Rouge that you still have to look for. Buying a car from a fair dealer will save you money. Ask for references from the people you met around. Check for online reviews.  

Check Your Credit History 

Not all people pays one time for the car they purchase, some needs a loan. The amount of loan you’re going to get will depend on your credit history. Checking your credit history will give you an idea how much the dealers will give you. Get a copy of your credit card report and your credit score.  

Get Your Own Financing 

Car dealerships get most of it profit from its finance department. They have contract with banks to get the best rates available. You can get a car loan for 4.9% and draws up the finance contract at 5.9%. The dealer will get profit from that markup. Get a rate from your credit bank and present the rates to a salesman.  

Schedule Your Purchase 

If you’re not a picky buyer, you might get a good deal at the end of the year, where dealers will give you lower offers to clear up their inventory and qualify for manufacturer bonuses. December is a slow time for sales, so it’s a wise time to buy a car. Weekends have also slow sales too, you will likely to receive a good deal.  

Do Not Buy a Car on Your First Visit 

Your first visit to a dealer is the best time to test-drive the car. It’s good to gather information about the model you want, and the price they’re offering for it.